Betting 101: An Introduction to Betting


So you have heard your friends talking about spreads, totals, hitting a great parlay or if you are in the UK lucking out on a huge yankee, but what does any of that mean? The world of betting can be a daunting place for the newcomer where everyone is seemingly winning time and time again (where are the losers who are supporting this false economy?!) and can be a fairly macho experience.

Not to fear!

Our betting guide will start from the very beginnings, allowing you to understand all important terminology and more importantly, learn what is important when making the all important decision of what to bet on.

Not everybody wins. In fact, a very small percentage of regular gamblers are long term winners. There is a reason for that, the odds are generally not in your favour and to overcome this tilt a variety of tools can be used, some of which are essential. The more you are able to educate yourself, the greater the chances of success and a number of these tools will be explained here.

Betting, for the vast majority, should not extend beyond using money which can afford to be lost. There are very few who are able to make it professionally and those who do will have spent many years perfecting their art, understanding and calculating their ‘edge’. Keep things in perspective and start small whilst learning about what is important when choosing a good bet, and what to ignore.

We are passionate about improving all punters’ chances of being profitable in sports gambling and are open to answering any questions that you may have. Please send us a message if anything is unclear or if you would like information on a certain aspect of sports gambling, after all, if you are writing the question it is likely that many others are thinking it.