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WE are excited to announce Version 1 of our new Widget!

With just a few quick box checks code will automatically be generated allowing you to display your chosen odds, scores and results from TheRundown's bookmaker selection on your own site with no developer knowledge needed.

Please access the widget HERE.

We would like to emphasize that although the widget is fully functional, it is very much an 'alpha' version (as you will see from the design!), which is why access is currently without charge. We are looking for users to provide feedback on this version so that we can improve and fully launch what, we believe, will be a fantastic product. Each user who either tests the widget or integrates it on to their site and provides feedback will receive a free month of access once the paid version is launched. In order to take advantage of this, simply leave your email below and we will be in touch.



    WE have very recently launched our social media channels!

    Although very much in their infancy, we recently launched our Youtube and Instagram channels, whilst resurrecting Twitter. From now on expect regular sports betting advice content in the form of advice videos, market analyses and industry updates. This will move in tandem with our blog so please keep checking back to read more insight from our resident professional sports gambler Gavin Wood, as well as guest features!

    The first YouTube series is on arbitrage, a subject that historically has strike fear and loathing into many a bookmaker. The videos introduce the basics of arbitrage before exploring in more detail arbitrage between both bookmakers and exchanges before moving on to some of the pitfalls. Sports arbitrage has become increasingly difficult in recentl for a variety of reasons including intelligent bookmaker user risk management, the improvement in the supply of real time odds data as well as increasing external regulation. Opportunities still exist but is this a dying 'art'?

    We will also be featuring our users, providing the opportunity to discuss their own betting projects. If you are operating a site using data from TheRundown, or are using our data to enhance your betting experience then please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will be happy to showcase your innovative products, to be shared with our network


    ANYONE with even half an eye on US betting developments won't fail to have noticed DraftKings'' meteoric rise in recent times. Their IOS app was the most downloaded of all sportsbooks' in the US in the final quarter of 2020 and their brand recognition is simply phenomenal.

    For users of our API you are now able to access DraftKings' pre-match and in-play odds for all markets that we offer and we will be integrating more US regulated sportsbooks in the near future, allowing our API users to display these odds and partake in the burgeoning US sports betting market.

    The US regulated market is an ever changing one and we are cognicent of this fact. We are currently working on how our bookmakers are displayed on our website so please expect format changes in the near future.

    If you have any specific requests regarding sportsbook, sports or markets that you wish to see then please let us know, we always take user requests into account when planning our next integrations.